9 Reasons Why Some People Always Achieve Whatever They Set Their Minds To Do


Do you believe that you are a high achiever? Do you believe you are someone with the focus needed to achieve whatever you set your mind to? We all heard our parents say to us, “You can do it, just believe in yourself,” or “You can do whatever you set your mind to child.”

You would assume that all parents would tell their children this, but this might not be the case. You could be one of the many, yet few, people that were told so as they were young. It is when you grow and become an adult that you start to think about what all this meant.

This is to say that such inspiring and empowering words might not have an immediate impact on you, but throughout the years, after developing further you come to realize the effect of these words and how sincere or insincere they were. In this case, such words from your parents are sincere, because if you have the mentality and set your mind on something, you can achieve it.

I bet you can relate to this in one way or another; maybe going to school for you was not interesting at all, but after realizing the positive impact and the knowledge you gain, you started being interested in school and achieving better results.

Sometimes we do believe what others are telling us, but we just pass through this period of wanting to try out different things and wanting to live our way. This is natural, but listening to your parents or someone with much more experience could prove really helpful. It is always a good strategy to start early. The earlier you start your road trip to success and achievement, the faster you get there. Also, do not be afraid to trip or get a flat tire on the way; just get it fixed quickly and keep going.

Set your mind and have the focus and drive and you will achieve whatever you want. Moreover, your success will have a great impact on you, but also on your loved ones around you. They will be proud of you and might even consider you a role model and follow your footsteps. One more additional tip is to remain positive and patient all the way to your destination.

Here are 9 reasons why some people always achieve whatever they set their mind to do:

1. They Work Hard And Quietly

Are you a hard worker, or do you slack off every time you set your mind to something? Hard work is something that is a prerequisite to achieving. A lot of people try to achieve their goals, but not all of them work hard. You need to be ready to exert blood, sweat, and tears every day you wake up in order to make the best use of your day.

The other thing some people keep their successes to themselves. They do not share them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. They only share them with themselves and with their loved ones.

2. They Are Surrounded By Positive People

Are you a person that surrounds themselves with good, positive people? Individuals that bring out the best of you and help you with whatever you need. People you can call true friends? Well, as silly as it might seem to some, this could actually be the reason why some people have the ability to accomplish whatever they set their mind to. Yes, they are backed up by a very supportive group, present with them all the way to their destination.

Life is full of enough challenges and obstacles, and you do not want to be slowed down even further with all these negative people that show at the doorstep of your life. Time is important and valuable enough and we do not need anything to hinder us.

3. They Plant Positivity In Their Minds All The Time

Positivity is such an important aspect of life that some do not fully understand the benefit of. It acts as the solution to many problems, yet is either hard to grab or is unnoticeable. Learn to always wake up each morning with a smile drawn on your face and a positive thought in your head. This can kick start your day with positivity, which impacts your day in a good way and allows you to be an achiever.

Moreover, sometimes we wake up with these random, distressing thoughts. However, by cautiously picking out the correct words and actions, we can turn these negative thoughts into positive ones, thus overcoming potential negativity. This is all within the mind and you have control over your mind, thus maintain this control and decide what affects you and what does not. A morning meditation session, some exercise, or a cup of coffee while watching the television could do it.

4. They Fight Overthinking

It is within our nature to keep on thinking about various things and worrying about them. Are you that kind of person, or do you just think of the important things and let the nonsense and other inferior things aside? Well, either way, you are not alone. We all tend to overthink certain choices and decisions in life. This can come from the fact that we so desperately do not want to make the wrong decisions; decisions that could put us in a worst spot and leave us disturbed. This can be a daily battle, and more than that, an internal war.

Who does not want to limit the stress in their lives and enjoy being happy all the time? Happy peopleusually control themselves and limit the things they have on mind, because they know that there are things that can affect other more important aspects of life. So, be sure to fight your overthinking tendency, and focus on the most important things only.

5. They Have A Clear Purpose

It is always a key to have a clear purpose when setting goals because setting goals is really important if you want to achieve your goals. Happy and successful people set their minds to crystal clear goals that have a clear purpose and value to them.

You want to provide your children with the best life possible. You may want to become healthy and fit. Whatever it is you want to achieve, you need to plan accurately and clearly for it. Begin with setting mini goals and breaking down your big goal down into several steps. This will help make your goals clearer and help you focus on them step by step and not have to worry about having a big dense goal. This will also remove the “it is a lot of work” excuse.

6. They Are Not Perfectionists

Do you feel anything you do needs to be done perfectly? Are you someone that does not accept something done imperfectly? Well, this is could be a good thing that pushes forward, but could pose a very bad problem. This could lead you to be distressed by not doing well enough.

We need to accept the fact that we are not perfect; no one is perfect. Do not get caught up in the idea of being perfect and performing activities perfectly, because it will not happen. You can only do a certain activity or task to a certain degree of efficiency and efficiency.

7. They Focus On Their Goals

Do you focus on the goals and dreams you want to achieve or do you make sure your plan goes according to what you laid out earlier. Well, if you focus on the plan and give it more importance than what it needs, then we need to think again. Plans are very important to get you to where you want to be and closer to your goals, but plans can always change. Plans are made to be followed and to be fixed, but sometimes things happen and plans need to change.

So, when this happens would you put your hand on your cheeks and feel sad because your plan is no longer working? Or would you be proactive and actually face the change and adapt accordingly in an attempt to stay on track and accomplish your goals. Do not let plans ruin your chances of achieving your goals for the simple fact that your plan changed. Marriage, a successful career, and kids are goals that should remain constant no matter how you get to that spot.

8. They Take Action

Are you an action taker? Do you take action to achieve whatever you aim to and do it to the best of your ability? Taking action is the first step you need to take to achieve anything. Whatever the outcome is; whether you make it to the top of the world and achieve your goals, or you fail badly, you still need to take action. This is because if you do not take action then we would not move anywhere, especially forward, and instead would stay where we are, just still.

Always be smart to know what you want out of your life, and start taking action. Start taking control of your life and do not let anyone control your life or take action for you.

9. They Live In The Present

A very important topic or aspect of life and success in terms of achieving dreams and whatever you set your mind to do is to live in the present. Are you such an individual, or is all you are thinking about the past and the mistakes you committed at that time? Letting yourself off the hook and letting go of the past is one of the best things you could do. Direct your effort to the important things and always think of what you can control, not what you cannot. Whatever happened in the past is something out of our reach and is something we cannot change and so thinking about it just makes matters worse.

There are many reasons why some people always achieve whatever they set their mind to. Go through them and visualize yourself achieving your goals and dreams. It is not going to be an easy, comfortable ride on a well-paved road. However, if you implement the correct and suitable strategies towards achieving, you will get somewhere, as long as you set your mind to it. You need to realize that conflicts and obstacles within you are more important than other conflicts most of the time. You need to come to good terms with your inner self and be relaxed in order to succeed.

Start setting your mind on your passions and important tasks, as this will cause you to focus your efforts and energies and advocate your progress in the right direction. There are certain things we cannot control such as physical laws, or what happens in the planet, and you will not be able to fly or become a mind reader. However, setting your mind and focusing will help you achieve goals related to things and activities you can control. A goal such as “staying fit and healthy” is better than dreaming of becoming “the healthiest person alive,” because you cannot control what others do. This does not mean that you could aim for goals that big.

One main lesson I hope we learn here is that believing in yourself and setting your mind on something are two of the most powerful advocates of achieving and growing as a person. Other people, environment, along with other factors may affect our way of thinking and belief in ourselves, but never let those factors gain control of you and direct you.

Life can be tough sometimes but we need to learn to not give up and accept and embrace our situation. Others might tell you, “well, you cannot do it; you do not have the required skills.” These statements sometimes seem believable especially when it comes from a (bad) teacher or someone with a lot of experience who is not aware of the willpower. No matter who tells you what, be sure that you are capable of doing great things. It might take a while to start believing in yourself, but never lose or give up hope on yourself or any of your goals.



Drew Sauveur
Author: Drew Sauveur

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