Turning It Off – My Step Back From Technology

By: Andrew Sauveur

So I’ve tried for the last two Sundays a little experiment….I stepped away from the computer! *Gasp* *Screams*. I know, I know, how can I, there’s SO much to read and laugh at, and lol, and like, and argue about!

Well I did.  My world Monday to Saturday is much like any other, I am busy usually from 5:30 am to 5:30 pm (Or so), and much of my business life is spent online.  I manage a construction site, I run a side business, host a website, facebook pages, etc. etc.

AND, much like a lot of you I’m sure, you find it increasingly difficult to turn away from the phone, laptop, iPad, whatever, even while I’m doing other things.  Two Sundays ago, I decided to go for a walk in the early morning, then go for breakfast, then came home and did laundry, vacuumed and did other household tasks, as well as visited with my Wife, took her out for a bit, and at 8pm Sunday night I hadn’t logged into social media, didn’t care what Twits were trending, Faces were booking, or Snaps were chatting.

It was fabulous!  I should have done it much sooner.  I can’t really explain why it felt good, perhaps it made the eggs benedict taste better, maybe I focused on the words coming out of my Wife’s mouth more, but the day just seemed to stretch out a little better, and last a little longer.

Having said that, I certainly can’t turn away from social media, I am far too attached financially to it for me to ever turn it off forever, but for 1 day, every week, I am enjoying a little bit of internet silence.

Thanks for reading this on facebook, or twitter.  The irony of which is not lost on me at all.

Drew Sauveur
Author: Drew Sauveur

Local business owner and resident of Durham Region

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