Small business is kind of a big deal

Samll business big deal

Small business big deal

Number of businesses

  • As of December 2015, the Canadian economy totalled 1.17 million employer businesses. Of these, 1.14 million (97.9 percent) were small businesses, 21,415 (1.8 percent) were medium-sized businesses and 2,933 (0.3 percent) were large businesses.
  • In 2013, the total number of SME births was 78,430, compared with 83,240 deaths, which resulted in a net decrease of 4,810 businesses.


  • As of 2015, small businesses employed over 8.2 million individuals in Canada, or 70.5 percent of the total private labour force. By comparison, medium-sized businesses accounted for 19.8 percent (2.3 million individuals) and large businesses accounted for 9.7 percent (1.1 million individuals) of the private sector workforce.
  • Small businesses were responsible for the vast majority (87.7 percent) of net employment change between 2005 and 2015 (1.2 million jobs), compared with 7.7 percent for medium-sized businesses and 4.6 percent for large businesses.

Small business is driving the Canadian economy.  Support small business today!

Drew Sauveur
Author: Drew Sauveur

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