Pickering Council Moves to request Federal Government expedite Airport Construction

By: Drew Sauveur

18 600 Acres of land in Pickering have sat in limbo since it was expropriated in 1972 for a planned international airport.  This Monday Nov. 14, the Pickering Council will discuss amendments to the City’s official plan, including requesting the federal government to expedite the planning and construction of an international airport in Pickering.


The area, located in North Pickering, has remained a battleground for local residents who want the land to remain as it is, and Pickering Council, which sees the economic benefits to an international airport in Durham region, not only during construction, but well into the future, much like Brampton and West York Region enjoys around Pearson International Airport.

Now with the city growing in the north end due to the 407 expansion, Pickering council and planning is finding it difficult to plan neighbourhoods around the expropriated land, and is attempting to force the Federal Government’s hand into acting one way or the other.

Local advocacy groups, such as Land over Landings, oppose the idea citing a changing Rouge National Urban park plan, and the Provincial Greenbelt plan, stating that building the Airport will severely disrupt the ecosystem that sustains countless creatures.

If the decision goes through at Council, this will be the first time Pickering Council has officially voted yes to an airport.

Drew is a local business owner and blogger, and can be reached at drew@905business.com

Drew Sauveur
Author: Drew Sauveur

Local business owner and resident of Durham Region

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