Apprenticeship: A step towards an exciting career in the trades

Apprenticeship: A step towards an exciting career in the trades

When looking to start a career in a skilled trade, reach out to the employment specialists at– your source for jobs in your community and beyond in Canada. When it comes to starting out in the trades, one cannot simply jump in. Getting into a trade requires a combination of in-class education and on-the-job training. On the job training, also known as apprenticeship, allows you to earn money and experience while you’re working towards your certification.

Having an apprenticeship built into the program is beneficial for several reasons. One, when you are starting out you haven’t yet reached the skill level to independently work in your chosen field. An apprenticeship allows you to learn from experienced workers. One of the best ways to learn a job is to get hands-on experience. As you learn new skills, your wages will increase. Another benefit is that when you are certified, you won’t be starting out your new career with zero experience. Some are lucky enough to be kept on at the place they apprenticed at. You can enter competitive job markets because you already have real, on-the-job experience on your resume.

Do you know which trade you’d like to get into? There are over 150 skilled trades out there. If you’re serious about moving forward, find something you feel passionately about. Whether you want to work in automotive, or build things, or cook, or style hair, you can follow your dreams and end up with a job at the end.

To get the ball rolling with your apprenticeship, you must find a sponsor. Your sponsor is someone willing to sign you on as an apprentice in your chosen trade. If you want your apprenticeship to count it must be official. Sign a registered training agreement – a formal contract that outlines the details of your apprenticeship.

There are many grants and loans available to those who wish to train in the trades, many of which are only available to those who apprentice. Your sponsor may also receive some financial incentives for taking on an apprentice. It’s a win-win for you and your sponsor.

Reach out to the Ontario College of Trades for details. Some trades require that you register with them in order to receive your certification.

Use’s handy search tool to find positions in the trades, including apprenticeships and entry-level positions.

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