5 Ways to Reuse Your Child’s Costume after Halloween

5 Ways to Reuse Your Child’s Costume after Halloween

October 31st is one of the most exciting and festive times of the year outside of Christmas. Every year we buy a costume or make one, for each child and it can get very costly. A single costume for a child can range from $25-$50 retail at a department store and adult ones can double that. This fall tradition doesn’t have to be a one night thing. With a little bit of creativity, you can reuse their costumes for a whole new life that can be enjoyed for a few more years.

Create a costume box– If you take a fairly large box and fold down the flaps on the top, the box can be used to hold costumes. The box can be decorated by your children into a artistic impression. Make sure to use a box that is big enough to put clothing items but small enough that your child can reach inside and pick out items of their choice. Place old scarves, hats, and anything else that can be reused for imaginative play. Make it more amazing by having a full length mirror close by so they can see their own creations.

Have a costume party-Who says that Halloween has to be the only time for costume parties?! Make it a cost effective party by having guests bring a treat to share. If you invite 3-4 friends with children, you have a great turn out. Add a fashion show, a parade, and dance games for added fun. Host a theme party! Some ideas of themes are superheroes, prince and princesses, pirates and mermaids.

Costume swap– Our local Pickering Library hosts an annual costume swap. For a full week you can drop-off an old costume and trade for a new one on a specific date. This is a very eco-friendly way to give new love to an old costume. If you are tech-savvy you can start a local facebook group dedicated to just costume swap.

Hold a children’s fashion show– if you are part of a organization, like a church, then hosting a fashion show fundraiser for kids can be a great way to show off different costumes for a great cause. Try a family night fashion show. Take out a costume for each person of the family. Talk about what each costume represents, for example, if you are a doctor, explain what doctors do while you walk the run way. Have some popcorn and music and make a night of it!

Remake your child’s costume into a teddy or pillowcase– Sometimes our children fall in love with a certain character. Instead of just having the costume to wear, if they grow out of it or wear it out, use what remains and turn it into something they can continue to love. There are companies that will sew the clothing into a teddy, or even a pillow case. What a special gift to get!

Enjoy your night with your children. Make sure that whatever costume they wear, they are warm and cozy for the weather. Use to bring flashlights, glow-in-the dark buckets, and brightly coloured clothing to stay visible at night. Have fun!

Jemi Smith is a mother of two boys, a two year old and a baby. She stays active in the community and stays busy by helping moms locally through her website momsgotodurham.com.


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Jemi is a very active mother of two young boys. She enjoys writing about their adventures. She is the owner of Moms Go To Durham that provides supportive programs for moms at every stage. As part of her outreach she has started a program that provides free books and toys to children with special needs. Follow her through the website at momsgotodurham.com or join the conversation on facebook.com/groups/momsgotodurham.com. To contact her call (647)785-5851 or email at jemiechevarria@gmail.com

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