The 10 Best Small Business Blogs to Follow

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top blogs

If you’re like me, you’re constantly learning by reading great content online. If you’re like me, you also have limited time to do this, so it’s important to cut through all the bad content out there and get to what’s really valuable. I’ve compiled this list of some of the best small business blogs out there. I find that these provide the information you don’t find everywhere else, and leave you with ideas about how to improve your own small business.




  1. Small Business Trends

If you have to pick one comprehensive site that provides how-to tips, industry news, and trends, it should be Small Business Trends.


What I Like About It: Rather than covering just one component of running a business, this blog covers the gamut, from technology to marketing to finance. They’re also cutting-edge on delivering breaking news that’s relevant to entrepreneurs.


  1. Bplans Blog

While this blog, run by Bplans, a company that sells business planning software, covers a wide range of business-related topics, by far, its strength is its information on business planning. Tim Berry, the Founder of Bplans’ parent company, is an expert on business plans and has plenty of content on the blog.


What I Like About It: In addition to fabulous content, the site also offers a ton of business plans to review, free business calculators, templates, and tools.


  1. Smart Hustle

Less of a blog and more of a magazine, Smart Hustle focuses on helping entrepreneurs accelerate their growth. You’ll find interviews with successful business owners like the investors from Shark Tank, as well as insightful commentary on what’s happening in the small business world.


What I Like About It: Hearing what business celebrities like Guy Kawasaki and Daymond John is always inspiring, and there are plenty of interviews with these folks on the site.


  1. FedEx Small Business Center

The FedEx Small Business Center blog is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed, with easy access to innovative and actionable ideas, tips, and solutions.


What I Like About It: Pretty much any question you could have about how to launch an e-commerce business, go international or handle logistics is answered here.


  1. Nextiva’s Blog

I’m fortunate enough to contribute to Nextiva’s Blog, which has an impressive stable of writers like Barry Moltz, Yaniv Masjedi, and Rieva Lesonsky.


What I Like About It: Because each business expert has his or her own area of thought leadership, all the content is well-written and specific to that niche.


  1. Infusionsoft’s Blog

If you’re weak in marketing, Infusionsoft’s blog can get you on track. The blog offers a well-rounded selection of content about email marketing, networking, growth, and sales.


What I Like About It: The content is straightforward, well-written, and simple. Some blogs over-complicate what should be direct and easy.


  1. Harvard Business Review

If you want great content about leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation there is plenty to read on  They have a ton of experts and regular writers who examine all aspects of building a growth engine for your business.


What I Like About It: They do a great job of categorizing the content so that you are reading exactly in your interested.


  1. Hubspot’s Marketing Blog

Another great resource for marketing is Hubspot’s Marketing Blog. Hubspot is one of the thought leaders in the marketing world, and constantly releases reports, data, and research that people around the world quote.


What I Like About It: While Hubspot’s Marketing Blog provides really insightful content, it’s not the only valuable resource there. There’s also a Sales Blog, as well as an Agency Blog, and more free marketing resources than you have time to read.


  1. Microsoft SMB Blog

Security and technology are two areas that many entrepreneurs overlook, but they’re just as important as any other component of running a business. In this Microsoft blog, written by Vice President Cindy Bates, you can stay on top of security risks and technology trends.


What I Like About It: I love the fact that Cindy, as busy as she is, consistently delivers really valuable content for the small business audience.


  1. Side Hustle Nation

While most small business blogs target entrepreneurs who are full-time in their endeavor, Side Hustle Nation appeals to a smaller — but still very relevant — niche: those who start their businesses while working a day job.


What I Like About It: In addition to the great information in the blog posts, you can also listen to the blog’s podcast.


What small business blogs are YOU reading?