The “Side Hustle” – 5 small businesses you can start on the side

The “Side Hustle” – 5 small businesses you can start on the side

Most small businesses start in a garage, or a basement, with a dream and a little sweat, commonly known as the “Side Hustle”, a company you get started while still toiling at a 9-5. 

With that in mind, here’s 5 examples of small businesses you can start with relatively no capital, on the side.

1.      Junk Removal/Yard Maintenance – As long as you get liability insurance, some safety gear, and a relatively inexpensive business license, you can start making money on the weekends picking up people’s extra stuff, because we all have extra stuff!

2.      Delivery service – You can market a delivery service for small packages in your region, and start running packages between businesses.  The added bonus of a side business like this, is the connections with local people and businesses you will make!

3.      Closet organization – Closet and house organization has become a sought after service for busy people with cluttered houses.  You can market your services on social media, and start sorting people’s closets into something that resembles a closet, instead of just a pile of clothes.

4.      Cake Maker – Yummy, yummy cakes, and cupcakes.  Many a person has been told they could sell their cakes.  People are still having birthday parties, Christmas parties, or celebrations that require delicious cake goodness.

5.      Online store owner – it’s fairly easy to find wholesalers for various consumer items.  Setting up a store on Facebook or Amazon is very simple.  Find a product you want to market, setup a site, and start selling! 

Starting a side hustle may not be the easiest thing you’ve ever done, but it can pay off in big ways.  You never know, it may become your new career.  Good Luck!