Q1 is done, what will Q2 look like?

By: Drew Sauveur

Q1 has already flown by, most likely while you were shovelling snow, or lighting the fireplace. So here’s a list that I go through to evaluate my last quarter performance, and set out my next quarter goals.

1 – What were my wins? And how did I achieve them?
2 – Where did I fall short?
3 – What caused me to miss my goals if I did?
4 – Where can I improve?
5 – What are my goals for the next Quarter?

It often helps to lay out exactly what you achieved, and compare that to your plan. Once you’ve done so, you must be honest with yourself as to the particulars. Once you’ve completed the above list, try writing out the following:

1 – What 1 thing can I do daily, that will change the outcome of the day?
2 – Am I setting my goals to high, or too low?
3 – What rewards will I give myself if I achieve my goals for this quarter?
4 – Do I need to increase/decrease the time between check ins?
5 – Start the plan for this quarter.

This is something that should be repeated and compared at the end of each quarter. Planning your strategy is never time wasted!

Good Luck!