How a Self-Deprecating, Lazy, Procrastinating, Self Employed, Sales Guy makes sales.

By – Andrew Sauveur

Weird title right? I took a while to figure that out, (refer to the title for reasons), but I figured it encapsulated everything that I am.

I have been self-employed for a while now. I’ve had some failures. However, no matter what, I’ve always sold enough to keep things rolling, and excel.  Now, I can hear some of you saying “Well, if you were that good, you’d be a millionaire”.  Sure, if I was one of those sit down at my desk at 7:30 am, and bang the phone until 5:30 p.m every day, I may be a millionaire.  However, reality is quite another thing.

I’m convinced I have ADHD because…….. something about attention…. right, I have a hard time staying focused. That could be due to the constant barrage of multi-media input we are surrounded by, or the fact that I have a home office, and cats, and they don’t really respect boundaries or working hours…

I represent products for the manufacturing industry, I own a construction company, I have an ADT dealer license selling alarm systems to small business, and I have a local business website with local business promotion and recruiting. One of those things would be plenty to a normal person, but I still get a little bored, and end up wasting an hour playing some silly game on Facebook.

But I digress.

Motivating myself has always been a going concern. It’s easy as a salesperson to get a “YES” early in the day, and then be satisfied into thinking that “Hey, I’ve accomplished something today”. That’s where the procrastination kicks in.

It’s also easy, if I get a succession of “No’s” first thing, that I start to hear that little voice in the back of my head questioning why I’m doing this, and that I can’t do it. That’s the Self-deprecating part coming out.

What I’ve found that works for me, and I’m not suggesting that this will work for you, but it has worked for me, is to break everything into 5 actions at a time.  Break all of your communications, emails, calls, tasks, into 5 packs. Don’t think about the previous 5 packs, or the next 5 pack. They don’t affect the pack you’re on now. Sort of like a game of cards.

5 pack of cards, How to keep motivated in small business

5 pack

Your last hand doesn’t change what’s in your hand now, nor will the hand you’re holding now, affect the hand you get next.

Focus on those 5 things. A call, an email, an estimate, whatever it is, get that complete, and then reset. If you splashed out, and didn’t reach anyone on your first 5 calls, that’s fine, close out the hand, deal another, and play those cards. Perhaps this hand will win.

I plan out my day based on this concept, and I have found great success in keeping a number of businesses going.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes at

Have a great day!

Drew Sauveur
Author: Drew Sauveur

Local business owner and resident of Durham Region